I’m glad found my blog. It’s nice to see that you’re interested in traveling Germany, too. Here’s some basic information about Have You Seen Germany:

The Man Behind the Words

My name is Marvin. I studied communications, sociology, and economics in Germany and Spain, then worked at the university and in the marketing department of a travel company. Now, I’m a freelance writer, project manager and entrepreneur.

Next to sports and music, I have one great passion: traveling.


My insatiable wanderlust was awakened quite by accident 10 years ago when a series of coincidences left me traveling alone and unprepared through India.

Ever since then, I’ve packed my backpack every year to discover some new corner of this amazing world we live in. Most of my travels have been to places in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

These are the places I’ve seen so far:

have-you-seen-world-mapI’ll admit: These “look-at-all-the-places-I’ve-been maps” are sometimes a bit pretentious. But in my defense, I love maps. I could spend hours looking at a map and planning my next adventure (of course, I am currently most fascinated by this particular map).

Moreover, my past travels and that one unmarked country in the heart of Europe both play an important role in the answer to the next question:

Why a Travel Blog about Germany?

Perhaps you’re familiar with this typical traveler’s conversation:

“What places have you been to before? Have you ever seen Rio/New York/Machu Picchu/[Insert destination here]?

I can usually answer “ja”, “yes” or “si” to that question.

But one experience in particular left me feeling unsettled: While cruising with a local guy down Mexico’s long, winding roads, I was overcome with the breathtaking beauty of the forrests that surrounded us – and said so. Then the Mexican replied something I’ll never forget:

“Claro, it’s nice – but HAVE YOU SEEN the Schwarzwald [Black Forest]?!”

He had been to Germany several times and was totally enthralled by the landscape and the people.

It was then that I realized:

I have seen far too little of my own country.

A country that has so much to offer. Although – or perhaps exactly because – everything is right at your doorstep.

Which is why my new goal is to never again have to pause when someone asks me “Have You Seen Germany?”!

What’s in it for you?

Are you interested in Germany? Or maybe you’re curious because you’ve never really thought about Germany as a travel destination before?

Then join me as I discover Germany.

I’m going to travel without pressure and a strict “sightseeing to-do list”. Moreover you won’t find me twittering, snapchatting or instagramming every single step with a selfie stick. I’m not that kind of blogger. I appreciate an authentic travel experience way too much to only concentrate on that. Fortunately the number of readers and the feedback on my blog show me that it’s not necessary to do it this way.

What I’ll write about are things that you can also experience yourself, usually about trips lasting from a day to a week, a.k.a. totally feasible for a short vacation.

Above all, I want to explore places off the beaten (tourist) path. After all, everyone knows that the Hamburg Harbor, Berlin Wall, and Oktoberfest are worth a visit – and I’m not saying I won’t visit a well-known spot or two along the way. But have you ever been to a Schützenfest in rural Sauerland? Or explored the up-and-coming city of Essen? Have You Seen Germany aims to provide its readers with entertaining stories and insights without the desire to act as a complete travel guide to Germany.

Above all, Have You Seen Germany should serve as inspiration for your next trip to Germany. Enjoy!


Do you know of something I absolutely have to see in Germany?

Or do you have any other suggestions, recommendations or funny things to say?

Then send me a message via the contact form or leave a comment.

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